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Tobacco Resources

Local Resources

  • Nicotine Anonymous Meetings
    • Lawrenceville Neighborhood Center, Friday Nights at 7pm
  • Mercer County Tobacco Dependence Program
    • One of 7 Quit Centers in the state of New Jersey
    • This resource offers smoking cessation counseling services on a sliding scale payment basis.
    • Email or call Donna Drummond for more information (609-396-7707 or

State Resources

  • NJ Quitline
    • or (866)657-8677
    • This resource offers support through the phone.
    • It also offers two weeks of free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) in the form of patches.
  • Nicotine Anonymous
    • This resource helps to locate local Nicotine Anonymous meetings, and also offers phone meetings.

National Resources

  • Freedom from Smoking
    • This website was created by the American Lung Association, and it contains many different resources to create your own quit plan.
    • This is an online resource with live support from experts, and information on the various stages of quitting.
    • 1-800-QUITNOW
  • National Cancer Institute
    • This is an online resource with information on quitting, the health effects of smoking, and other topics.

Helpful Apps

  • Quitter’s Circle
    • This app has various functions, including: set a quit date, track your savings and days smokefree, read inspiring reflections, earn badges based on your time smoke-free, and share your progress on Facebook.
    • The app also includes an option for supporters, where your friends and family can track your progress and send you encouragements.
    • Apple App Store
    • Google Play Store
  • Quitguide
    • An app that helps you to: track  craving and slips by times of day and location, track your mood and smoking triggers, stay motivated with inspirational messages, identify your reasons for quitting, get tips and distractions for dealing with cravings and bad moods, monitor your progress toward achieving smokefree milestones, and create journal entries.
    • Apple App Store
    • Google Play Store
  • quitStart
    • This app helps you to: get ready to quit with tips and information to prepare you for becoming smoke-free, monitor your progress and earn badges for smoke-free milestones and other achievements, get back on track if you slip and smoke, manage cravings and bad moods in healthy ways, distract yourself from craving with games and challenges, store helpful tips, inspirations, and challenges in your Quit Kit, and share your progress and favorite tips through social media.
    • Apple App Store
    • Google Play Store
  • Livestrong My Quit Coach
    • Track your progress, collect acheivements, receive support from other former smokers, and add your personal motivation to keep you going in this app.
    • Apple App Store
  • Quit Smoking – Cessation Nation
    • This app helps to track your health improvements and money saved.
    • You can also earn badges based on your progress.
    • It also contains a game for when you are experiencing cravings!
    • Google Play Store