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closeup LGBTQ couple holding hands in park | bi erasure
Understanding bi+ erasure and how to be more inclusive

People who identify as bi+ struggle to be accepted, even within the LGBTQ community. This article covers some common misconceptions about bisexuality, how to be more inclusive, and self-care tips for bi+ folks.

Posted on Sep 22 2021
Vintage typewriter and crumpled paper| how to improve writing skills in english
Ask the professor: “What are some things I can do to improve my writing?”

Whether you’re an English major or just trying to make it through your gen eds, there are many ways to improve your writing skills. Here are a few tried-and-true strategies.

Posted on Sep 22 2021
customer paying with card | money management tips for college students
Money management basics: Debit and credit cards explained

Is it better to use debit or credit for purchases? How can you avoid those pesky late fees? And what about your credit score? Master your money-management skills with these debit and credit card basics.

Posted on Sep 15 2021
graphic, teal umbrella in rain | guided meditation for feeling overwhelmed
Prevent stress from turning into overwhelm with this guided meditation

Is the stress of the new school year creeping up on you already? Use this guided meditation to help stave off feelings of overwhelm.

Posted on Sep 15 2021
vial of COVID-19 vaccine and blue face mask | safety of covid vaccine
On the fence about the COVID-19 vaccine (or vaccines in general)? What you need to know

There are lots of misunderstandings (and misinformation) about vaccines and how they work. Here, experts discuss their benefits and risks to help you make the best decision about vaccination.

Posted on Sep 08 2021
pineapple, coconut, and pina coladas on blue background | healthy pina colada smoothie
Protein-packed piña colada smoothie

Want a tropical, protein-packed start to your day? Try this piña colada-inspired smoothie recipe.

Posted on Sep 08 2021
female roommates lounging in common area | are you a good roommate quiz
Are you a good roommate? Take this quiz to find out

Would you win roomie of the year or do your shared living skills need a bit of work? Find out by taking this quiz.

Posted on Sep 01 2021
pink fitness equip and mobile device with earbuds on yellow background | fall fitness challenge
Fall into fitness: A 4-week workout plan to kickstart the school year

Ready to crush your fitness goals? Start the school year off right with this four-week challenge for all activity levels.

Posted on Sep 01 2021

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