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On Campus


Supplemental material in hard copy form is available in the ADEP Office.   We have a variety of books, brochures, magazines, pamphlets, posters, videos, and workbooks.  Our materials cover a variety of topics such as:

  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Tobacco use
  • Family issues
  • Traffic Safety
  • Stress and time management

All staff, faculty, and students of The College of NJ are welcome to stop by the ADEP Office and take advantage of any and all available resources.

Support Groups

Click on one of the links below to see the 3 main Student Groups under ADEP, as well as special programs put on by our office.


(Planning Exciting Activities for a Never-ending Utopia for Tcnj Students)

A student organization founded in Oct, 1997, focuses on providing alternative activities and natural high events for all TCNJ students, as well as weekly meetings which include natural high games and special presentations. Need not be drug & alcohol free, just sober.


(Students Against Destructive Decisions)

This student group, formally known as Students Against Driving Drunk, has expanded its role to incorporate the prevention of other destructive decisions. SADD is based on the principle of helping students make positive decisions about challenges in their everyday lives. There is a particularly strong movement towards preventing such destructive decisions as underage drinking, other drug use, risky and impaired driving.

Social Norms & Misperceptions

The scientific theory (originally developed by Dr. Wesley Perkins) behind social norms misperceptions is that college students often overestimate what their peers see as an acceptable level of drinking behaviors. This overestimation causes a direct correlation to college students participating in heavier drinking habits. The idea behind a misperceptions campaign is to determine what the actual drinking “norm” is and to market this norm to college students through posters, promotional items, and other media campaigns. The desired outcome is a decrease in negative drinking (and other drug use) behavior. This method has been studied since 1986 and has proven to be a cost effective, realistic, and successful method in dealing with negative behaviors.

Fatal Vision Goggles

Any TCNJ faculty and staff, student leaders, or students who are interested can sign-out Fatal Vision Goggles Kit(s) from the ADEP office. A proper TCNJ photo ID, which will be photocopied or held for the duration of the usage of the kit, is required to rent this kit (valued at $700). Persons interested in using the kit for a presentation is recommended to attend a session with Joe Hadge, the director of ADEP, to learn how to most effectively utilize this educational tool on a college campus. One must agree to use this learning manipulative in a positive, safe and proper educational manner.

In order to sign-out a Fatal Vision Goggle Kit, one must come to the ADEP office located in Holman Hall room 307. The secretary or one of the student office assistants present will help you with the process.  Two kits at most will be administered at a time in order to serve all those who are interested. However, ADEP will not be held responsible for short supply of the kits that we keep at the office. It is highly recommended that the kits be reserved in advance to assure highest availability.

For more information on Fatal Vision Goggles, go to

Fatal Vision® Starter Kit

The Fatal Vision® Starter Kit includes:

  • 6 Fatal Vision® goggles: Low, Moderate and High Impairment Levels, Clear and Shaded.
    Click here to see goggle types.
  • 1 ONECLOTH® cleaning cloth
  • 6 Fatal Vision® cloth bags
  • 1 Roll Yellow & Black “Walk-the-Line” Tape
  • Instructor’s Guide, Activity Guide, Reproducible Student Handouts (Adult, Adolescent, Elementary, and Business versions)
  • 2 Classroom Videos: Fatal Vision® and A Fatal Story. Fatal Vision® video – Haunted by a fatal mistake, this teenager gives a spirited talk on the dangers of drinking and driving. (5 minutes 23 seconds.)
    A Fatal Story video – This is a true and powerful story of one parent’s loss of a child to drunk driving and the reality that many teenagers don’t understand the dangers of drinking and driving. (5 minutes 31 seconds.)