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Peer Institute

Each year TCNJ ADEP, with the generous support of the New Jersey Division of Highway and Traffic Safety, hosts the Peer Institute, a conference for peer educators (PEs) throughout the state. Across three days, the PEs see a variety of presentations from advisers to PE groups, industry professionals, motivational speakers, and more all with the goal of earning national Bacchus Gamma Peer Educator Certification. Along the way they are given the chance to bond with peers from other schools, plan and implement new and innovative programming, showcase their talents (PE based or not!) and more.

Information for our 2018 Conference:

Fun Facts about the program:

We have about 9 colleges & over 100 college students attending this year’s Institute! The theme for the Peer Institute this year is Harry Potter! All participants have been sorted into their houses and also have been placed into a Tri-Wizard tournament team! We always encourage getting involved in the theme if you would like too! There will also be the annual talent show again this year!
What to bring:
Each participant is expected to bring their own linens, shower supplies, clothes (casual, comfortable), etc. Please note that layers may be the best option clothing wise. We will be moving from different rooms and the temperatures may vary. The Townhouses can sometimes get colder during the evening hours, so keep that in mind as well.  If participants wish, they can bring their laptops to use during off hours, as we will be providing wireless internet access throughout the program. WiFi in the Townhouses can be tricky to connect to, so if you have an Ethernet cable, we do suggest you bring it!  We ask that you do not use your laptops during programmatic hours.
Registration for the start of the Institute is on Tuesday June 12th between 8:30AM -10:15AM. You will be staying in the Townhouses West (see map), and will check-in on the first floor of the lounge.  The program itself will begin at 9:30 AM with a welcoming breakfast in the Brower Student Center. Welcoming Remarks will begin promptly at 10:30 AM.
Every participant will be provided room keys so that they can drop off their belongings in their room and then journey over to the Brower Student Center. Please keep in mind that lost room keys result in a fine ($50), which you will be required to cover, so please keep them safe. Parking for the conference is available in the T/W Lot, which is directly across from Townhouse.
The Brower Student center will be our home for the duration of the conference! Most meals will be in Eickhoff Hall. Light snacks and coffee will be provided as well!
For people who are presenting:
There will be access to the internet, but please bring a backup USB flash drive with your presentation. Please send your presentation in advance to along with any technical needs you may need! If you would like an introduction/bio presented before your presentation, please send that over as well!
High School Presentations:
We have invited high school students from 6 schools to participate on the final morning of the conference, Thursday, June 14th. The purpose of inviting these students (NOTE: we have estimated 120 coming this year) is for the young learners to interact with and hear from you! If your peer education group is interested in presenting a peer education focused program to a high school group, please email
Check-out will take place at the Townhouse West lounge on Thursday, June 14th from 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM. Please note that ALL checkouts MUST be processed during this timeframe.  We ask that if advisors want to meet with their students around this time, to check out first, and then find an area on campus to do so.
Tentative Agenda:

Recap of our 2017 Conference:

The 2017 Peer Institute was a great success! We were fortunate to have nearly 100 peer educators from 8 different programs join us at TCNJ for three days of learning, development, and sharing.

On day three, we always invite high school peer educators to join us for our keynote speaker, lunch, and presentations given by the college participants. This year, five college groups presented!  All of the presentations were a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by our high school participants.

Thank you to all who made Peer Institute possible! We’ll see you next year!