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Not Anymore for Alcohol and Other Drugs

Not Anymore for Alcohol & Other Drugs Program: Due October 12, 2020!

Each year, the Alcohol & Drug Education Program launches the Not Anymore for Alcohol & Other Drugs online program. All first-year and transfer students are required to complete this program, and an email was sent on August 17th with log-in instructions. Those who do not complete this required program by October 12th will have an academic hold placed on their account, which will prevent them from registering for Spring 2021 courses.

If you have an Alcohol & Drug hold placed on your account, it is most likely because we do not currently have any record of you completing the required the Not Anymore for Alcohol & Other Drugs online program. Once you’ve completed the program, please allow between 48-72 hours for the hold to be removed.

If you did not receive the initial email with log-in instructions, please email me ( with your full name, email address, and PAWS ID #.

Lastly, some students are having difficulty accessing this program because of safety concerns (website link may say it is not secure). Please note that we have followed up with IT on this issue and it appears that TCNJ’s single sign on (SSO) software (the page that usually pops up and asks you to enter your TCNJ credentials), is outdated according to Google Chrome. However, the email about the required programming you received is not spam, and folks within IT departments at both TCNJ and Vector Solutions confirmed the online programming site truly is secure and should not cause any issues. If you’re using Google Chrome, you may proceed to the programming by clicking the link provided, then hitting ‘Advanced’ and then clicking the hyperlink that appears below the paragraph and says ‘proceed’ to the site.

If you still have issues with your link, please try the link below:

Step 1: Log on at:

Step 2: Follow the instructions provided and enter your TCNJ username and password when asked

Step 3: To move through the module follow the on-screen prompts presented by the program

Information about other online programs, that are also due on October 12th:

Additionally, The Office of Title IX & Sexual Misconduct launches the Clarifying Consent & Every Choice programs, each fall, on the same timeline as our office. All junior students are required to complete Clarifying Consent & all first-year, transfer, and graduate students must complete Every Choice. Juniors are defined by the College as students who have between 16-24 units as of Fall 2019 – please check your PAWS account for the number of ‘units earned’ to confirm that you fall into this range, or whether you received this educational requirement notification in error. If you need assistance and/or have any questions about these programs, please email

To see which online programs you need to complete, please see the chart (below):