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Author Archives: Nicole Cena

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[a]Hi. My name is Vera and I’m an alcoholic. I am not sure how this goes but I need to start somewhere. Can you see my attendance online?

[b]Hi,I’m Beverly and I don’t know how i got here

But yes I see you

[c]Do you see my reply

[d]I will yry again

[e]Anyone online? New to this system.

[f]I just came on

[g]are we all live?

[h]can we help each other


[i]_Marked as resolved_


[k]Hello my name is

I’m an Alcoholic. I’m gladly to say my last drink was June 16th, 2018. If there is anything I can do to help. Please feel free to contact me. I’m very grateful for these AA tables. Air ((hugs)) to you all. Prayers to everyone. Be safe.