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Zombies, Alcohol and You

While in college, you will be faced with many choices and your decision-making skills will be challenged in both academic and social settings. Our goal is to help enhance your ability to make safe and healthy choices in college, particularly related to alcohol.

We respect your right to make your own choices and support those who choose not to drink.  Above all, we aim to create a community in which the behavior of a few does not infringe upon the right of all. To help foster that environment, we are taking one of the nation’s most proactive stances on alcohol abuse, in addition to other issues on college campuses including sexual assault.  Nationwide, the statistics on college campuses are staggering:  Seventeen hundred students die each year in alcohol-related incidents, 600,000 suffer alcohol-related injuries, and 700,000 are assaulted by someone who has been drinking.

To address the issue of college drinking and to promote responsible behavior, it is The College mandates that all entering students complete the online educational program, Zombies, Alcohol and You.  Zombies incorporates contemporary research and is driven by cutting-edge educational theories and approaches, including social norms theory and motivational interviewing.


Program Instructions

In order to complete the Zombies course, you will need to earn a score of 75% or above.  All incoming First-Year and Transfer students are to complete the Zombies course.

  1. Login at:
  2. Under “New Users” enter the access code sent to your email.
  3. Follow the instructions provided.  You will be asked to input an email address and password.  Be sure to record this information, as it will allow you to re-enter the program as a returning student and complete the program in several sittings if you choose. You will retain access to the program throughout the school year for reference purposes.

Thank you in advance for your diligent participation in this critical program.  Through the Zombies program and other campus efforts and resources, we are becoming a nationwide model for a safer campus.

As of February 24, 2017 any student that has not completed the Zombies, Alcohol, & You Program has had an academic hold put on their account.  This hold can only be removed by emailing with the certificate of completion, this process can take a few days.  If you have any concerns or questions please email those accounts or call our office at 609-771-2571.  If you have any issues logging onto the program please contact Terrylynn Pearlman with Student Success at 

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