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Peer Institute

Each year TCNJ ADEP, with the generous support of the New Jersey Division of Highway and Traffic Safety, hosts the Peer Institute, a conference for peer educators throughout the state. Across three days, the PEs see a variety of presentations from advisors to PE groups, industry professionals, motivational speakers, and more all with the goal of earning national Bacchus Gamma Peer Educator Certification. Along the way they are given the chance to bond with peers from other schools, plan and implement new and innovative programming, showcase their talents (PE based or not!) and more.

The 2016 Peer Institute was a great success! We were fortunate to have nearly 100 peer educators from 9 different programs join us at TCNJ for three days of learning, development, and sharing.

This year we had several firsts including our first digital schedule, our first online feedback system, and the first time the Bacchus Gamma National Certification Exam was delivered through a web portal as opposed to on paper. At the same time, we had a new college (St. Peter’s University) attend!

On day three, we always invite nearly 200 high school peer educators to join us for our keynote speaker, lunch, and presentations given by the college participants. This year, six college groups presented, including two that have never done so before: Raritan Valley Community College and St. Peter’s University! All of the presentations were a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by our high school participants.

Thank you to all who made Peer Institute possible! We’ll see you next year!

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